08 Nov
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It rained. It rained a lot. It rained like it had rained every single day in the weeks that led up to July 13. That night, however, not even the rain could keep those who showed up for Starting Now’s premier event in Lagos –Artistic Tendencies – away. It was not that there were not excuses enough to serve the purpose… after all, it was also the night of the Brazil 2014 World Cup final.
But they came. And it was amazing!
The show, which was to raise awareness for underprivileged but greatly talented children, delivered a night of magical experiences that included music, book-reading and dance.
From Nasa, Walter Spearheart and Clay, to Olaoluwa Oni, Roli and Franque Mba, the performances lept off the stage and into the minds and hearts of the audience who were taken on an emotional roller-coaster in a manner only art can.
However, it was the children… the unbelievably exceptional children of Footprints of David, a children’s dance group put together by Mr. Seun Awobajo, who brought the house completely down! The audience got to their feet and danced the night away with the children who could not hold in their pleasure.
Footprints of David is an initiative by Mr. Awobajo that takes children off the street, teaches them professional dance and gets them performances for which they get paid. These payments help the children stay in school and off the street.
The comperes, Mr. Amicable and MC Olowu also left the audience in stitches as they served hillaious comedy, each joke more mind-boggling than the last!
Artistic Tendencies, put together by Starting Now Nigeria’s Team Lagos, and wonderfully supported by Ruby Gardens, Open Hands Decor and Encomium Magazine was a sweet evening of love and charity.
As our founder, Bibi Sofowote, said in his opening remarks, “You have no idea how many people want to do something, but they don’t know how to start… Well, that’s what we’re doing… We’re starting now.”
Enjoy the pictures from the show, but make no mistake, you had to be there!