bibiBuilding a career as a young multi-dimensional professional who has continued to skillfully balance my artistic and technical sides, I am thankful to yet be allowed to have a humanitarian side. I began Starting Now in September 2012 and have since been joined by a wonderful team and an exceptional network all driven to help bring goodness to the world.

strive In 2012, through the help of my brother and friend Bibi, I took the decision to be a part of a network of people who have committed to taking one step to change the world, who through a mutual aspiration for a better world, strive to bring hope and aid to those who would otherwise have to go without them. I am a proud Ambassador and Country Coordinator for Starting Now Ghana.

titiHere in South Africa, we strive to make the effort; small at first perhaps, but consistent. Be it simple, be it just a smile. Every little hand counts and we are dedicated to the promise of Starting Now!

I believe in change and I believe in a better world. Enough of the idle conversations and meaningless debates on what should and shouldn’t be. We are that change we seek and we can only see that change if we take a stand and Start Now!

I am Steve, lover of art, graphic designer, photographer and entrepreneur.Being a part of Starting Now is something that I will always be proud of. I always wanted to be a part of an initiative like this and because of Mr. Bibi Sofowote, this is happening. As an artistic person I came up with the beautiful “StartingNow” logo with the help of Bibi (Mr. PowerPoint) so we could have a symbol, an identity to carry on this powerful mission of ours.

There is no greater deed than showing love to, and contributing toward, the growth of others.  Sadly, almost nobody really goes out of their way to perform a selfless act for the needy without some underlying ulterior motive. It is therefore my joy to contribute selflessly towards a cause that seeks to help others. I am proud that I am able to join forces with like-minded individuals making up Starting Now. The time is now! We are Starting Now!

paul-ephrim-startingnoworgI am a huge believer in the power of media to influence perception, and being a member of the media myself, I know first-hand the importance of good media representation. I am therefore privileged to do my part in this regard as my contribution to the wonderful work of Starting Now.